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It's official: we 'out here! WickandWax and Spunizm, aka BK DAZED, now at Artists and Fleas Williamsburg! Where candles and clothes connect!

"It's not about the destination but the journey" Nothing could better describe WickandWax finally featuring our candles in a brick & mortar establishment in Chicago. I am ecstatic to have Chicago Truborn Gallery & Boutique carrying our hand-crafted mini spray paint CANdles.

Chicago Truborn is a "community based 'anti' gallery/art coalition dedicated to supporting all mediums of artistic creation with emphasis on street/urban/outsider art." Clearly an ideal fit for WickandWax.


Beginning this summer, we started using discarded wax from Kingsley restaurant in Alphabet City. Instead of throwing out used candles, I take what's left, melt the wax down and craft lovely candles. From what was once potentially garbage, UPCYCLE! Shout out and big thanks to Kingsley for the wax! Keeping it granola def about that life! Create, Light, Burn!

Limited run of Mini Spray Paint CANdles available @Chicago Truborn. WickandWax candles also available at

186 AveB NY NY
(limited releases)
70 North 7th Williamsburg NY
1741 W Chicago Ave Chicago IL

About Wick+Wax: I have been a crafter of candles and molds for almost a decade now. Based in New York, I craft for the people. Using candles as a medium not only to create olfactive bliss, but also to use as voice of expression. We all have a story we tell, ours is through the craft of candle making. Reach me at any of the below:

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Please read all WARNING LABELS and instructions before lighting any candle and NEVER leave a candle burning unattended.

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