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If you can think it, I can make it, real talk! Design and Commission work only. Holla' if you need some candles.

Rosebud. Happy Valley. Snatch. The world has an enduringly complicated relationship with the vagina, one filled with much debate. Vilified by religions as a gateway to sin due to its perceived mysterious, almost supernatural powers, yet imbued with wonder and awe as human life literally springs forth from it, the vagina possesses a power that is fearsome, revered, intriguing and beguiling. To celebrate the beauty and mystique of the powerful female sex, Wick+Wax presents the Vagina Candle. Bejeweled and nestling on top of a tantalizing sugar cone, this candle encapsulates all the things that make the vagina so alluring. Available in three "flavors": Cream of White Widow; Purple Paradise; Ice Cream Candy Mimosas, this art piece speaks to the power of womanhood, the foundation of all things feminine, the contradictions, and all the nuances in between. The vagina—Mother of all Souls—is powerful, precious, life-giving, fun and…of course, delicious. The Wick+Wax Vagina Candle pays tribute to the complex beauty of the female sex.

The Vagina Candle: Ice Cream Dreams

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Artwork by @LincolnRb
Limited Run
We Love Shag Ice Cream Dreams
Vanilla + Ginger

Process 2021

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All multi-purpose candles are handcrafted in NYC from upcycled wax.
Only essential oils are used in our candle scenting process.

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Mike Maldonado Southbank 2000

TEASER ALERT: Nbd! When you start crafting skate wax for Long Live Southbank

KrisVile Southbank 2017

££ Long Live Southbank ££ x $$ Wick+Wax $$. Sk8 wax limited run available soon. Stay tuned

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Starting the year with a bang! Last month we are proud to have participated as a brand in the Agenda Capsule Trade Show NYC at Community54's cash and carry exhibition booth.

The experience was everything all the heads in the industry hype up and brag about. Top brand booths, giveaways, unique cultural collectors, you name it! Big shout out 2 the Communtiy54 family for sharing such an amazing experience with us.

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It's official: we 'out here! WickandWax and Spunizm, aka BK DAZED, now at Artists and Fleas Williamsburg! Where candles and clothes connect!

"It's not about the destination but the journey" Nothing could better describe WickandWax finally featuring our candles in a brick & mortar establishment in Chicago. I am ecstatic to have Chicago Truborn Gallery & Boutique carrying our hand-crafted mini spray paint CANdles.

Chicago Truborn is a "community based 'anti' gallery/art coalition dedicated to supporting all mediums of artistic creation with emphasis on street/urban/outsider art." Clearly an ideal fit for WickandWax.


Beginning summer 2016, we started adding in discarded wax from restaurants in NYC. Instead of throwing it out, I take what's left, melt the wax down and craft lovely candles. From what was once potentially garbage, UPCYCLE! Keeping it granola def about that life! Create, Light, Burn!

About Wick+Wax: I have been a crafter of candles and molds for over a decade. Based in New York, I craft for the people. Using candles as a medium not only to create olfactive bliss, but also to use as voice of expression. We all have a story we tell, ours is through the craft of candle making. Reach me at any of the below:

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Please read all WARNING LABELS and instructions before lighting any candle and NEVER leave a candle burning unattended.

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